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TRUE sensei Grey/Charcoal/Yellow

Made for golf, but ready for anything. Light-weight, cross-trainer performance built to enhance your golf game.



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The TRUE sensei might just be the most versatile golf shoe ever created, supported by the fact that Ryan Moore won a PGA TOUR event in the outsole the same day the Portland Marathon was run in the sensei.

The TRUE sensei was designed to function at a TOUR level on the course, while providing a super comfortable platform and breathable upper that allows golfers to wear them off the course on trails, the road, while traveling or at the gym. Creating the ultimate cross over shoe for golf and life with the comfort that you can only expect from TRUE linkswear. Yes, you can run a marathon in the TRUE sensei, but please be careful if you transition to the sensei from a “motion control” running shoe.

Like any zero drop minimalist running shoe, the TRUE sensei can take some time to adapt to because the muscles in your legs may be used to running in shoes that have a raised heel, a high arch, padding and gel or air bags. In order to transition properly to running in the TRUE sensei, we would suggest starting with very short jogs of half a mile to a mile. Your body will awaken to proprioception and your stride will shift from a heel strike to a natural mid-foot strike fairly quickly because it “feels right”. If you build mileage too quickly and your body has not adapted to your new running motion, unnecessary injury can occur. So, just start slow, add distance carefully, listen to your body and enjoy the run!